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Eliminate the wait. Go straight to diagnosis and treatment.

Cost-effective in a broad range of healthcare settings
Practical for use even in low to moderate test volumes

Intuitive design for easy operation
With intuitive software and touch screen operation, the Ativa Analyzer doesn't require any specialized training.

Rapid results for faster treatment
Making test results available at the time of consultation means you get the information you need right where it's needed most - a major benefit to patients as well as providers.

Industry standard results for reliable diagnosis
The Ativa Analyzer provides accurate and easy-to-read results that are consistent with industry standards.

Modern connectivity for rapid data sharing
Wireless, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity transmits results as soon as they're available to workstations, mobile devices, and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, so diagnosis and treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Read about the technology that makes this possible, and then contact Ativa Medical to learn more.

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