Breakthrough technology to diagnose patients in minutes, not days

Clinicians and their patients shouldn’t have to wait days – or even hours – for lab results, diagnosis and treatment. At Ativa Medical, we’re working to make the process faster and more cost-effective.

Ativa’s diagnostic workstation is the only point-of-care system that can run all five of the major blood, metabolic and urine panels. Clinicians can perform tests and review results in five minutes. The workstation also helps analyze and provide greater meaning to results, supporting fast and reliable diagnoses for patients on the spot.

Ativa developed the diagnostic workstation in conjunction with technology partners, LabCorp, Honeywell and Bosch. It’s powered by breakthrough diagnostic technologies that facilitate:

  • Faster diagnoses – clinicians run panels themselves for results in minutes – no send outs necessary
  • Greater convenience and affordability – the size of a PC tower and only $8 per test
  • Expanded access to care – practical for use anywhere, from retail pharmacies to rural communities in developing markets

The diagnostic workstation already has proven results. Ativa completed a clinical study with Massachusetts General Hospital in 2018 that revealed a high degree of correlation between Ativa’s results and a traditional lab testing device. Currently, we are preparing for clinical studies to support our FDA 510(k) submission.

By decentralizing diagnostic testing, Ativa has the potential to significantly change primary care and impact the lives of patients worldwide. We continue to innovate and uncover new ways to extract more information from the blood than is possible today.

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