Pharmacies and Retail Clinics

In today’s world, access to essential services, even ones as simple and critical as a blood test, can be a struggle.

Nearly 400 million people worldwide do not have access to essential health services with many people having no hospital near them within a 3-4-hour radius.

Our technology has the potential to shift the future of how telemedicine can synergize with blood testing, utilizing pharmacies and retail clinics to deliver high quality care direct to patients.

Our technology will enable direct requests sent to a patient’s “Ativa App” from their doctor prescribing them a blood test appointment. Patients can then go to any nearby pharmacist and get their blood work done within 5 minutes using the Ativa blood test system.


Blood test results are sent from the pharmacist back to the physician who can assess the results with the aid of machine learning insights, allowing visitless, follow up by sending the patient’s prescription based on their current blood test results and diagnosis. This streamlined process is less taxing on the physician, pharmacist, and patient at a lower cost.