Primary Care

In the Primary Care segment, blood and urine tests drive nearly 70% of Physician decisions, guiding nearly two-thirds of healthcare costs.


Blood and urine tests drive nearly 70% of primary care physicians’ decisions, guiding two-thirds of healthcare costs or $150B per year worldwide.

On average, a midsize hematology lab can cost primary care clinicians between $50,000-$100,000 to develop, bringing patient blood testing costs up to $283-$675 without insurance.


All this and more is why we developed our system, which utilizes over 200 patented blood and urine testing technologies, to create a broad and unique cell-level data set delivered at the point of care. The blood sample is interrogated by integrated machine-learning algorithms to detect several diseases simultaneously even before there are symptoms saving you time, money, and helping you avoid burnout. If you’re a primary care clinician you can be rest assured that our system was designed to enable you to benefit from, improved and consistent quality, improved workplace systems, improved medical proactiveness as well as an enhanced experience for your primary care patients.