Faster, more cost-effective blood-testing results

Diagnostic blood testing drives 70 percent of treatment decisions for patients, but there is often limited or delayed access to these critical tests. In fact, medical staff must wait hours, days or more for the results – delaying accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our breakthrough fluid processing engine will enable the full analytical processes used in large core lab blood analyzers to be performed affordably and entirely on a low-cost disposable card, within minutes at the point of care.

With our MicroLAB, every emergency, urgent care, critical care, retail pharmacy and primary physician care clinic in the world will have affordable and reliable access to faster results, so they can provide more accurate and cost-effective care.

Technology roadmap

Our patented and proprietary approach will enable a broad range of hematology and chemistry testing to be performed on a single test system for the first time.

Initially, we are creating the crucial test card panels needed to diagnose patients with acute conditions in primary care settings. The most common acute conditions typically require several different blood tests for diagnosis. The three major ones – complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (BMP) and urine panel (UP) – are planned to be included starting with the CBC and followed sequentially by the next two panels.

From there, we will begin Phase 2 of development to add more focused critical test panels, including those needed to manage patients with chronic conditions.

How it works

Ativa Microlab TechnologyThe system consists of an easy-to-use analyzer and disposable test cards. Intuitive and efficient, the components will work together to produce lab-quality results consistent with industry standards.

Getting results is as easy as collecting a small blood sample, placing it on a test card and inserting the card into the analyzer to start testing. Within 3-5 minutes, results will be displayed and seamlessly transmitted to relevant information systems, so practitioners can read them wherever they are – at the patient’s side, from another room or remotely.

With its intuitive software and touch-screen operation, the system is designed to make it easy for anyone to use – no need for specialized training or staff.

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