Miniturized low-cost diagnostic tests,

Immediate lab-quality results,

Advanced A.I. disease screening,

…all at the patient side.


The problem: Sending bloods to the lab is slow, inefficient and expensive.

Blood and urine testing drives 70% of physician decisions, guides 2/3 of healthcare costs and costs $140B per year worldwide.

Clinicians and patients wait too long for results, commonly hours or days. Many patients worldwide don’t have access to quality testing at a low cost.

Ativa will solve these problems while providing more clinical value than current lab-based tests.

Our breakthrough: Sophisticated technologies with a simple user experience

Ativa’s diagnostic workstation runs the same analytical processes used in large core lab blood analyzers, miniaturized in a device that fits on a desk and can be used by clinicians at the point of care.

What makes Ativa’s solution different from other point-of-care solutions? It’s the only one that offers all five of the major blood, metabolic and urine panels on one system. The workstation is powered by an array of integrated technologies:

  • Advanced micro-fluidics
  • Sensitive detectors and bio-sensors
  • Real-time artificial intelligence(AI)
  • Machine learning disease screening applications

Measurement menu (3-5 min time to result)
  • Complete Blood Count with 5-part differential (CBC)
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
  • Urine Sediment with UTI detection (URS)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Liver Function Panel (LFP)

Ativa Microlab Technology

The process is so simple:
  • Collect a small blood sample (one drop from finger-stick or venous)
  • Place it on the test card
  • Insert the card into the analyzer
  • Wait 3-5 minutes
  • Review results

The diagnostic workstation displays results at the point of care in the hospital ward or by the patient’s side. This enables the clinician to immediately decide next steps amd consult with the patient. The Workstation seamlessly transmits results to electronic medical record systems.

Advanced A.I. disease screening

Patterns of Disease within complex patient dataEach CBC measurement on each patient produces over 1,000,000 raw cellular data points. Ativa’s Diagnostic Workstation uploads the raw data to the cloud, we call this a Digital Blood Sample.

Our advanced artifical intelligence neural network learns new disease states by collecting big-data and searching for patterns or “fingerprints” of diseases. It learns by cross-checking findings with the actual diagnosis registered in the electronic medical record.

Patients and clinicians have the option to receive advanced disease screens in real-time during a common blood test such as CBC, BMP or Urinalysis. They may be alerted to previously undiagnosed conditions such as early stage cancers, mild chronic diseases, early onset of diseases or acute and serious conditions.

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